Jahia Announces Commerce Factory

Jun 30, 2016

Digital Experience Management platform provider Jahia launched Commerce Factory, an e-commerce solution that says it extends a brand through product presence and sales by delivering intelligent, personalized customer experiences throughout the entire customer buying journey.

Up until now, online commerce was considered to be product-centric, with the emphasis being on product descriptions, reviews, pricing, selection, etc. However, in the Third Wave of digital marketing, the focus now is on customer-centric operations with clear insight on the entire customer journey leading to a purchase.

According to Jahia's website, "Commerce Factory is a module that installs on top of Digital Experience Manager and offers two main aspects: 1) the back office, where you manage the store, products, payment configuration, merchant accounts, customer transactions, etc. and 2) a set of components and templates that store builders can use to build their own commerce store."