Jadu Launches Universe Web Experience Platform

Oct 18, 2011


Jadu Ltd. upgraded its web content management offerings with the launch of Jadu Universe, a web experience platform with multi-channel web publishing, retail, and marketing tools. Jadu's services are designed for higher education, government, and large commercial organizations.

Nothing short of its namesake, the Universe platform integrates a suite of Jadu products: CMS, XFP (an online forms system), Rupa Portal (a search solution), MyJadu API, MarketPlace, and Weejot, a new cloud-based mobile web delivery service. Jadu Universe includes a new user interface, among several other features. MarketPlace is leveraged through the new Universe Search system.

The Universe platform will be released by mid-2012. Founded in 2001 to supply web content management, Jadu is based in Leicester, UK, and incorporated in the United States in 2010 with an office in Chicago.