Jabber Announces Availability of New Products

Jan 27, 2006

Jabber, Inc. has introduced version 5.0 of the Jabber Extensible Communications Platform (Jabber XCP) and an updated version of its desktop enterprise instant messaging (EIM) client, Jabber Messenger 3.2. Included with Jabber XCP 5.0 is dynamic router discovery, which enables a Jabber XCP server to recognize automatically the presence services of new software components, routers (servers), and clusters, as they become available on a network. Also in Jabber XCP 5.0, and leveraged by Jabber Messenger 3.2, are LaunchBroker (formerly External Command Interface), EventBroker (formerly External Component Redirector), and the new Advanced File Transfer.

The company also announced improvements in security as the Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption employed by Jabber XCP 5.0 meets Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS 140-2) certification for national security-level communications. Other enhancements to Jabber XCP include: Master Accept Port, allowing Jabber XCP to use a single port to configure components and eliminate the need for administrators to connect individual components to the Jabber XCP router; Kerberos and Single-Sign-On fully supporting Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 and Active Directory environments or other environments where Kerberos authentication is enabled; the addition of Microsoft SQL Server Support to Jabber XCP Windows configurations, complementing existing support for Oracle and PostgreSQL databases; Uniform Configurations of all database-dependent features available with Jabber XCP 5.0, designed to simplify the process of installing and extending the server; Better Database Performance through direct access between the Jabber Session Manager, and other components, to an organization's relational databases.

New features in Jabber Messenger 3.2 include: Full support for Advanced File Transfer; FIPS 140-2-certified TLS-encrypted connections to Jabber XCP; Support for the use of special characters in Jabber IDs (JEP-106); Hotkeys for frequently entered text; Import of users' AIM Buddy List features through the AIM Gateway from Jabber, Inc.; and compatibility with both Jabber XCP 4.x and 5.0 product families.