Jabber Announces Availability of JabberNow 1.1

May 12, 2006


Jabber, Inc. has announced the immediate availability of JabberNow 1.1, an upgrade of the enterprise instant messaging (EIM) appliance which Jabber, Inc. launched in late 2005.

JabberNow 1.1 provides interoperability with GoogleTalk. The product also includes the AIM Gateway from Jabber, Inc. which provides a secure way for JabberNow customers to communicate with AOL‘s AIM service users nationwide. JabberNow 1.1 also includes optional add-on support for Microsoft's Active Directory. In addition to the Message Archiving Lite that ships standard on all JabberNow appliances, a more full-featured Message Archiving Plug-in with enhanced reporting functionality is also available for sale with JabberNow 1.1. For existing owners of JabberNow appliances, JabberNow 1.1 is available as a free software upgrade.