JUICE Mobile Launches a Mobile Futures Market

Apr 26, 2016


JUICE Mobile announced the launch of Nectar Futures, which it says is the industry's first futures market designed for mobile advertising. The goal is to allow advertisers to secure premium, guaranteed mobile inventory for the future. With Nectar Futures, advertisers are guaranteed premium mobile inventory across multiple formats, and publishers gain new revenue from upfront buys and control over their sales. Nectar Futures complements Real Time Buying (RTB), individual guaranteed Programmatic Direct (PD) buys (available through Nectar Direct) and traditional Direct Sales. JUICE Mobile says Nectar allows buyers to minimize cost, delivery and quality risks inherent in the real-time exchanges.

The Nectar platform is used by all major agency holding companies and over 1,500 premium publishers. Built in-house and launched in 2013, Nectar is the world's first mobile Programmatic Direct platform. The initial iteration of Nectar, where buyers were able to select inventory for single buys, is now known as Nectar Direct. Nectar Futures is an evolution; clients can now secure larger chunks of inventory through a robust auction process that transcends months and quarters. The original Nectar Direct is still available for one-off guaranteed future buys to complete or fill in unexpected or unforeseen gaps in a client's inventory.