JC Whitney Company and ZiLOG Select Endeca

Jun 06, 2003

Endeca, provider of Guided Navigation and search solutions, has announced that the JC Whitney Company, direct marketer of auto parts and accessories, has chosen Endeca InFront with Guided Navigation to enhance the search, navigation, and merchandising capabilities of its online site. With the help of Endeca InFront's Guided Navigation and dynamic merchandising capabilities running on IBM's WebSphere Commerce software, JC Whitney will be able to present users featured products and specials at all stages of their search. With over 600,000 unique visitors to their Website each week and extensive weekly product updates, JC Whitney wanted to provide their customers with an intuitive search experience that would provide easy access to "everything automotive." JC Whitney will also take advantage of Endeca InFront's integration with IBM WebSphere Commerce to ensure a fast, successful deployment. Using this technology, JC Whitney hopes to improve their search accuracy, while providing personalized, dynamic landing pages for their customers. Endeca InFront will also allow JC Whitney to create custom boutiques and feature products so shoppers can discover more related products and ultimately buy more. Endeca's Guided Navigation with advanced search solutions help businesses across a variety of sectors including retail, financial services, manufacturing, information publishing, and B2B with applications that address the information overload problems associated with content, catalog, and enterprise information access and retrieval.

Endeca has also announced ZiLOG, Inc., a designer, developer, manufacturer, and supplier of microcontrollers for the semiconductor market, has chosen Endeca ProFind with Guided Navigation to enhance the search for product and parts information. Endeca ProFind will not only provide ZiLOG users with access to product family information, it will add the ability to drill down into documents to find and retrieve relevant content. By building a bridge between structured and unstructured data, ProFind will provide integrated access to enterprise information no matter where it resides while helping to reduce overall content management expense. ZiLOG offers over 800 products that are manufactured and sold in a wide selection of configurations to more than 5000 original equipment manufacturers and end-users worldwide in the embedded control and communications markets. Built on the Endeca Navigation Engine, Endeca ProFind enables users to navigate through enterprise data to find the document or piece of information they need. Endeca ProFind empowers users with the tools they need to find relevant data as well as discover information they may not have realized existed. Endeca ProFind with Guided Navigation provides an intuitive interaction model that is designed to eliminate all irrelevant information, and guide users with relevant and valid choices.

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