J. Walter Thompson Chooses Wam!Net

Jan 23, 2004


WAM!NET, a division of SAVVIS Communications Corporation, has announced that the J. Walter Thompson (JWT) advertising agency is globally launching Thompson Image Factory (TIF), a customized asset management system powered by WAM!NET's WAM!BASE service. TIF provides asset management capabilities for several of JWT's systems including: "Infusion," its customized advertising management system, "PASSION," its global creative portal, and "JWTNet," its global intranet.

TIF is designed to enable JWT to store, manage, and globally distribute raw content and stills, work in progress, and finished content, including completed print, radio, and television advertisements. TIF is built upon WAM!NET's WAM!BASE service. WAM!BASE, which provides redundant, scalable storage and distribution, features standard metadata fields, full-text indexing and searching, package tracking and utilization reporting, and multiple permission levels to control user access. WAM!BASE generates thumbnails, storyboards, and audio and video previews, and supports audio and video transcoding. WAM!BASE has been integrated with JWT's systems using WAM!NET's SOAP-compliant, XML-based Application Programming Interface (API), providing customized user interfaces for access to content tailored to JWT's needs.

Once an asset is created, it is uploaded into WAM!BASE, and based on its ID number, it is automatically routed to the appropriate person for metadata assignment. Once content has been loaded, the TIF interface allows users to search for and browse assets based on media type, ad type, region, office, client, brand, and date posted. TIF leverages core WAM!BASE functionality to automate and streamline several aspects of JWT's workflow. For example, users can preview video clips and storyboards online directly from the centralized repository. Assets can be set aside in a "light box" for future reference and use during the creative process. The "drop box" feature allows a user to send a link to a portfolio of assets to anyone--including other JWT users and clients--via an email that includes links for secure access to each asset. Users can also choose to have assets electronically distributed from TIF to media manufacturers who can then produce the content on a CD or DVD, and physically ship it to another location. In addition to using TIF to share assets internally, JWT enables clients to access their finished ad content online and can link to TIF directly from their own marketing systems.

(http://www.savvis.net), (http://www.wamnet.com)