Is Apple Building a Car?

Feb 12, 2015

Where would the tech press be without Apple product rumors? It's not the latest iPhone that has everyone abuzz this week. It's a car. After Business Insider reported that Apple was working on something to "give Tesla a run for its money", The Mac Observer says, "I learned last week that Apple has been poaching employees from Tesla." Specifically, Apple seems to be poaching the kind of employees who know how to build a car.

Apple is not commenting at this time, but imagine the possibilites of driving around in a car that is built to work with everything from your iPhone to your Apple Watch. Originally, Business Insider was skeptical that Apple was working on an actual vehicle, instead saying it was more likelt that "Apple is working on new iPhone-to-car experiences that will compete with what Tesla offers in its vehicles." No matter what this turns out to be, I think we can all agree it's more exciting than another new iPad.