Ipedo Expands Web Services Capabilities

Dec 29, 2006

Ipedo, a provider of enterprise information integration software, has announced several enhancements to the web services capabilities of its enterprise information integration server. The additions to Ipedo XIP are designed to allow organizations to deploy data services into an SOA. Ipedo has also extended support for web services standards to boost interoperability with service-enabled tools and applications.

The enhancements to Ipedo XIP include: one-click publishing, where the enhanced web services wizard allows one-click publishing of new web services, complete with security profiles, performance management, and automated WSDL generation; dual caching option that allows a web services view to be cached natively as XML, or in relational form, or both. Native caching allows versioning of XML results and the relational option allows automatic decomposition of XML into relational form for use in other applications; web services tables metadata, where metadata enhancements for Ipedo's Web Services Tables display complete lineage and dependency information for inbound web services. Ipedo's Web Services Tables allow users to map XML-based web services into relational models; join hints for web services, where Ipedo's query optimizer can accept hints, including join strategy and join order, to minimize the number of web services calls needed to fulfill a query request; and XQuery for SOA, where Ipedo's XQuery engine has been tuned to provide insight and better performance for SOA with advanced functions, including XML payload introspection, fast transformation, content validation, and service metadata introspection. In addition, XQuery can be used to trigger subsequent 'cascading queries' based on the payload content of a web service.

The web services enhancements are available immediately for Ipedo XIP version 4.2 on Windows 2000, Windows NT, Sun Solaris, Red Hat Linux, and SuSE Linux. Pricing is on a per-CPU basis.