Inxight Releases Enterprise Adaptors for Information Management Systems

May 30, 2003

Inxight Software, Inc., a provider of enterprise search and information discovery solutions, has announced the general availability of adaptors to multiple enterprise information management systems, including Documentum, Lotus Notes, Microsoft SQL Server, and Plumtree. These adaptors enable Inxight SmartDiscovery customers to access data stored in these disparate systems for processing and delivery through SmartDiscovery. Inxight developed the SmartDiscovery Enterprise Adaptors to increase information retrieval capabilities for its customers by allowing them to access and use important information stored in multiple repositories across their organizations. All documents processed through SmartDiscovery continue to reside in their native system, and remain secure, but can be viewed from a single application, increasing return on existing infrastructure investments without having to duplicate storage. SmartDiscovery Enterprise Adaptors allow users to schedule updates and retrieve documents and emails from these systems. This information is then analyzed and relevant metadata is extracted to enable accurate search, classification, entity extraction, summarization and visualization of the data. The resulting metadata can be populated back into the original system for display in existing portals or other interfaces, or can be stored in a repository and accessed by Inxight's user environment. SmartDiscovery includes Web and file crawlers that enable users to access information stored on hard drives, internal networks, and Web sites. As part of Inxight's architecture development, SmartDiscovery also offers an API that allows third parties to integrate it with other enterprise applications.