Introducing Outbrain Lookalike Audiences

May 16, 2017

Outbrain, a discovery platform, begins the rollout of Outbrain Lookalike Audiences to help marketers reach new customers and engage with new people who are likely to be interested in their business because they “look similar” to existing customers or converters. For Outbrain, this means finding similar audiences based on demonstrated common interests and behaviors, then targeting these audiences at scale, across Outbrain’s premium publisher network.

Outbrain says it is the only discovery platform with both audience targeting and lookalike capabilities. It allows Marketers to extend interactions – outside of the walled gardens of social media - by connecting brands with the audiences with the highest propensities to become customers based upon the content they are actively engaging with. Outbrain tracks billions of content consumption interactions from users across the web, tapping into real user interests and discovery mode behaviour that goes beyond a consumer’s public persona. In pairing lookalike modeling with Outbrain’s proprietary interest graph it is able to drive greater efficiency and value for brands with performance goals.

Outbrain Lookalike Audiences can be modeled off of first-party data (site visitor segments, DMP segments, CRM lists, etc). The more homogenous the seed audience, and the closer the seed audience is to lower funnel converters, the better performance the lookalike audience will drive.