Introducing Niume, a Social Network for Shared Interests

Oct 16, 2014

One of the major drawbacks of social media is that users have to wait for followers to be seen. Niume, a new interest-based social network, has been created to try and solve this problem. Niume addresses the need for a more instant, and interactive, social network. Users post in themed communities known as "circles" and the content is delivered to everyone following that circle. Posts can also be liked, shared, or "hyped" by the followers, all of whom have a shared interest in the subject.

With over 500 circles, anyone can set up a new circle, on any subject, and followed by anyone else who is interested. Niume has had initial success in its photography, art, and travel circles with over 120,000 page views.

The original idea for Niume came about in 2012, when two graduates from Kings College London were discussing the limitations of established networks like Facebook and Twitter. Niume s free to join, easy to use, and secure. Content is monitored by the circle creators and a central team. Users can login to Niume using Facebook or Google+ and posts to Niume can be automatically shared to the authors' Facebook timeline. 

The Niume app for Android is available now, with IOS set to follow in November.