Introducing MediaMobz's GLX Cloud-Based Video Platform

Jul 17, 2018

MediaMobz’s GLX is a new comprehensive cloud-based video content marketing production, collaboration, distribution, and measurement platform. Whether you’re an event producer, journalist, agency, YouTuber, or influencer distinguishing yourself or your company, working with video is now easier, streamlined, and more cost-effective in an ever-changing, competitive marketplace. This platform allows you to deliver your message quickly and effectively to boost consumer engagement and drive sales. That’s also good news for the 53% of people want to see more video content from marketers (HubSpot).

GLX Allows you to:

  • The Library (LIB): House all approved assets (video, audio, photos) and unlock creative opportunities.
  • Interactive Transcripts (INT): Generate and edit text transcripts from an uploaded video. Find and edit video clips based on transcripts (simply by highlighting text). 
  • MediaMyx (MYX): Cut clips, add music, voice overs, b-roll, bumpers, lower-thirds (graphic overlays), and automatic smooth transitions between clips and more. MYX is a pro-level tool without the need for pro-level training.
  • The Screening Room (SCR): Speed up time to distribution by allowing diverse groups to efficiently view, comment upon and approve content.
  • Creative Marketplace (CMP): Get instant access to several thousand expert, vetted creatives (writers, editors, producers, shooters, etc.) who are ready to bid on any project.
  • Insights + (INS): Have SEO capabilities via transcription services, distribution capabilities to social via Facebook and Twitter integrations, as well as web distribution and analytics via M-Pages. Embedded video is one of the things Google’s algorithms look for when deciding whether or not to rank your site highly in their search results.