Introducing Google My Business API v3.1

Oct 04, 2016

In a blog post, Google announced several new features to Google My Business API v3.0. Original features included in v3.0 enabled developers to build applications that let business owners read and respond to Google reviews, and provide richer business information to Google. Now it has added several new features to enhance the Google My Business API experience for developers and end-users. 

According to the post, using the new Google My Business API v3.1, developers can:

  • Subscribe and manage push notifications for new customer reviews on Google
  • Provide additional rich business information with URL and Enum attributes
  • Get categories supported by Google My Business
  • Get the Google Maps URL for verified locations
  • Get more detailed listing states to identify when locations are published, pending review, or pending verification
  • Identify permanently closed locations that can be reopened vs. those that can’t
  • Determine which locations the user has access to, and which they don’t

Google also says it is extending support of v2 of the API until December 5, 2016; the deprecation schedule can be found here. We still encourage you to migrate to v3 as soon as possible.