Introducing Contently Live, a Content Hub for Content Marketers

Oct 06, 2016


Contently, a content marketing technology solution, launched Contently Live, a customizable content hub developed specifically for marketers. Contently Live was designed to drive the business results—like lead generation, audience attention, and revenue—that marketers are responsible for, without the hassle of having to build or maintain code on a website or microsite.

In a limited release, Contently says, marketers who switched from their previous content hub to Contently Live reported a 45% increase in attention time, and with Contently Live's built-in document viewer, users saw the conversion rate on ebooks increase by an average of 34%. A half-dozen major brands are set to launch content hubs on Contently Live by year's end.

Contently Live says it was designed with the most important content marketing metrics—including attention time, page views, social shares, SEO, email capture, lead generation, and conversions—in mind. It integrates seamlessly with the rest of Contently's technology, allowing users to plan, create, publish, amplify, and analyze content on one platform.

Contently Live says it helps brands draw audiences into their marketing funnel by increasing engagement with accessible content, and increasing lead generation and capture with content-focused site optimization.