Adds Database Functionality to On-Demand Collaboration Suite

Mar 11, 2005

BEST PRACTICES SERIES, a provider of on-demand collaboration solutions, has announced the introduction of several new database enhancements designed to help businesses drive productivity. The new functionality is a direct result of customer feedback requesting more advanced features for managing and tracking key customers, contacts, and sales leads. Businesses can now log activities, schedule follow-up tasks, set reminders, send group emails, and centralize all contact information, from within the database.

The new features include several additional database views as well as direct integration between the company's current Task and Activity Log applications.'s database contains eight ready-made templates that businesses can use in their current form or customize to match their individual needs. A business can also build an entirely new database from scratch. Currently, templates are available for customer relationship management, asset management, event registration, issue tracking, sales forecasting, time sheets, a knowledge base, or an in/out board.'s collaboration suite includes database management, document management, calendaring, Web and audio conferencing, task management and other customizable applications.