Intranet DASHBOARD Releases Intranet Usage Data and Version 2.0

May 01, 2007

Intranet DASHBOARD has released key data from the first global intranet usage and trends survey as part of the launch of Intranet DASHBOARD 2.0. The Global Intranet Benchmarking Survey conducted by Intranet DASHBOARD revealed key trends on who controls the corporate intranet, and corporate social networking. Key findings that were revealed in the 27 question Global Intranet Benchmarking Survey were: 36% of IT departments hold the budget for the intranet compared to 34% of Marketing & Communications departments have overall responsibility for the day to day intranet operations; 41% companies are interested in adopting social networking tools, but have not implemented any as yet; it appears that when it comes to social networking, companies are taking a cautious approach and slowly adopting tools/functionality; when asked what social networking tools they are likely to implement, the tools/functionality that have been in use for a longer period of time were most likely to be implemented-- Bookmarking, Discussion Forums & RSS Feeds. Blog is the tool companies are least likely to implement. 47% of companies said they are interested in social networking but have not implemented any tools. Only 7% of companies have deployed and are using social networking tools. 25% said they have no interest at this time. The survey release was timed for the launch of Intranet DASHBOARD 2.0.

Intranet DASHBOARD 2.0 includes, a collection of applications designed to enable efficient task such as, Dynamic Linking, designed to allow companies to maintain links regardless of where they move the document; version 2.0 includes, Advanced Content Publishing and Document Management, enabling content check in and out, version control, content undelete options, and notification alerts on new content additions, as well as content expiry controls; keeping up with clients needs, version 2.0 allows for load balancing, designed to enable data storage; Intranet DASHBOARD version 2.0 also includes, new streamlined interface skins, with new themes, providing a current new look and feel.