Intranet Consultant On-Call Debuts

Dec 21, 2010

Communitelligence is expanding its range of services with Intranet Consultant on Call, which will allow intranet managers to set up telephone or VoIP conversations with Intranet Focus founder and intranet consultant Martin White. The service will allow managers to address such issues as overall intranet strategy, the efficacy of different intranet platforms, value analysis, governance structure, and user satisfaction.

After the end of each session, users will received a summary of the conversation along with links to resources and other information mentioned in the conversation. The service package will be tailored to user requirements, with the possibility of setting up quarterly progress review meetings or a series of meetings in a short time to create a strategy paper.

Martin is offering a free one-hour call to potential clients to discuss their individual requirements and to allow them to assess the way in which he works to develop solutions.

The service will be available from 8am EST to 5pm EST.