Interwoven and Watchfire Strengthen Alliance; Launches Interwoven 6

Jul 22, 2003

Interwoven, Inc., a provider of content management software for the enterprise, and Watchfire, a provider of Web site Management software and services, has integrated Watchfire WebXM with the Interwoven 6 Platform. Customers using this solution can now take advantage of usability features offered in the new Interwoven platform as well as the automated reporting features of WebXM. Combined, these technologies are designed to help customers ensure their Websites meet internal and external accessibility, privacy, and quality requirements and regulations, including the U.S. Government's Section 508 accessibility legislation, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), and HIPAA privacy standards.

Leveraging Interwoven workflow capabilities, WebXM enables organizations to scan, analyze, identify, and eliminate content defects on their Web sites before end users experience them. By providing automated testing of both in-progress and live content as well as detailed reports, the solution is intended to help companies reduce the time and resources required to ensure their content complies with internal and external standards.

Specifically, the integration solves customer challenges surrounding: Accessibility Standards, Privacy Standards, and Internal and External Quality Standards. The Interwoven-Watchfire alliance is a component of the Interwoven Protect Program - a program designed to deliver solutions to meet increasingly frequent and stringent compliance requirements.

Interwoven Inc. has also announced the launch of Interwoven 6, the latest content management platform release, designed to solve business-critical challenges that enterprises face today.

Features in Interwoven 6 include: The ContentCenter designed for fast and easy user adoption. ContentCenter empowers all users to contribute and collaborate on content including business contributors, power users, and technical developers and is offered in two versions: ContentCenter Standard (for business users) and ContentCenter Professional (for power users and technical developers). A new customization framework (ContentServices UI Toolkit) enabling rapid customization for ContentCenter interfaces as well as creation of entirely customized interfaces. Services Oriented Architecture based on Web Services standards (Interwoven ContentServices SDK 2.0) to enable fast and flexible integration with business applications in the enterprise.

Interwoven 6 enables a suite of business solutions designed to solve specific pain points in the enterprise. The suite includes solutions for the revenue-generating line of business functions (Sales, Marketing and Service), core IT functions, and the cross-functional enterprise. The Services Oriented Architecture of Interwoven 6 serves as a blueprint for flexible service based business solutions that integrate with an organization's existing IT infrastructure.Solutions for Marketing include the new Digital Brand Management Solution powered by MediaBin and integrated with the Interwoven 6 platform; Solutions for Sales include Sales Excellence portals featuring Interwoven 6 integrations with portal vendors including IBM, BEA, SAP, Plumtree, Sun ONE and Oracle; Solutions for Service includes Interwoven's self-service application solution featuring Interwoven Content Intelligence Server designed to deliver relevant content to the right user at the right time; Solutions for IT include the new Server Consolidation Solution powered by Interwoven OpenDeploy Content Distribution software designed to consolidate hardware and processes surrounding the storage, management and movement of data; and Solutions for the Enterprise includes the Global Web Content Management solution designed to support hundreds of Web properties in multiple locales and languages.