Interwoven Releases MetaTagger 3.5

Feb 04, 2003

Interwoven Inc. has released the Interwoven MetaTagger 3.5 platform, the latest version of its content intelligence software, designed to help companies implement effective enterprise portals. Interwoven MetaTagger 3.5 software empowers companies to deliver information to their employees, customers, and partners by automatically preparing that content to be found and used, eliminating manual tagging. Its platform architecture enables businesses to extend the benefit of metadata and categorization by directly integrating with any legacy content repositories, file systems, portals, and information-rich applications. With MetaTagger 3.5 companies have a platform for organizing and tagging all content, regardless of its location. Additionally, MetaTagger is a stand-alone product that can be used in conjunction with Interwoven TeamSite content management software as part of an integrated, open content platform. MetaTagger 3.5 includes a variety of new features: Repository Independence--MetaTagger 3.5 now enables businesses, systems integrators, and channel partners to extend the benefit of metadata to any repository in the enterprise. Content management systems, document vaults, file servers, and databases can all be processed through MetaTagger's capabilities and API. Advanced Taxonomy Management--Interwoven introduces the all-new MetaTagger Studio as part of the MetaTagger 3.5 platform. The Studio is designed to simplify the development of enterprise taxonomies by providing a systematic, process-driven approach for discovering, editing, testing, refining, and promoting taxonomies and thesauri. Import capabilities speed implementation time by reusing structure and terms that might already exist databases, folder structures, or any existing taxonomy or thesaurus. Offline capabilities enable users test and refine taxonomy classification results, then synchronize changes once they are connected to the corporate network. Extended File-Type Support--MetaTagger now supports over 150 different file formats, including the ability to classify content in such legacy formats as WordPerfect and Lotus SmartSuite (including Lotus Freelance, Lotus 1-2-3, and Lotus WordPro). In addition, MetaTagger can now extract document properties from formats like Microsoft Office to preserve existing metadata and process media formats such as TIFF and MP3. MetaTagger 3.5 is available immediately and supports major European languages including English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.