Interwoven Offers Server Consolidation Solution

May 16, 2003


Interwoven Inc. has introduced a solution designed to help organizations eliminate excess and underutilized servers, allowing CIOs and IT managers to reduce the costs of managing and maintaining a complex IT environment. The Interwoven Server Consolidation solution combines Interwoven technology; Interwoven OpenDeploy Server Consolidation Edition for distribution management bundled with an Interwoven content server for snapshotting, change management, and versioning functionality in addition to consulting services. Using Interwoven, organizations can eliminate physical servers and associated software, storage, and IT administration needed to run their internal and external Internet-enabled applications. In addition to reducing the number of physical servers, Interwoven reduces the number of disparate, customized processes that send and retrieve information to and from servers. Benefits of server consolidation include: the ability to service more customers with fewer physical servers as well as human resources by consolidating many aspects of a content-rich application environment into a more, controlled and centralized operation; rationalization of overgrown IT environments that have become too costly to manage and sustain by reducing long-term maintenance costs; and improvement of organizational processes by replacing manual distribution processes with automated, standardized procedures. The complete Interwoven Server Consolidation Solution is now available, and includes Interwoven client services that can provide an initial five-day assessment of redundant or underutilized Web, application and file servers. These assessment services are also available through Interwoven partners IBM Global Services and Accenture.