Interwoven Announces Web Change Management Solution

Dec 19, 2003

Interwoven, Inc., an enterprise content management (ECM) company, has announced the availability of the Interwoven Web Change Management Solution. The solution is designed to address the change requirements of Web applications faced by IT departments by standardizing the way an organization's code and content changes are aggregated, synchronized, and deployed throughout development, testing, staging, and production environments.

Traditional change management solutions were developed with a focus on mainframe or client-server application environments, but Interwoven leverages its Web expertise to focus on the change requirements within Web application environments. Additionally, Interwoven is designed to provide a comprehensive, open solution that aggregates application assets from any development environment and deploys to any network destination.

Components of the Interwoven Web Change Management Solution include: Interwoven OpenDeploy Distribution Server software, which enables transactional, scheduled aggregation and deployment from any source. Interwoven Control Hub Server software is designed to deliver a platform on which organizations can aggregate and coordinate change sets. Based on Interwoven TeamSite Content Server software technology, ControlHub acts as a "traffic hub" for application code and configurations, file, and database content. Interwoven Trusted Advisory Practice is an assessment of existing Web change processes available through Interwoven Consulting Services. This assessment is designed to: identify and document current processes for deploying code and content; provide code and content deployment requirements analysis; identify code and content "paths" from creation through to production environments; assist in identifying code and content synchronization objectives; and assist in defining change management and configuration parameters.