Interwoven Announces Marketing Content Management Solution; Awarded DAM Patent

Sep 17, 2004


Interwoven, Inc., provider of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions for business, is now expanding to the marketing content management (MCM) space and has announced a U.S. Patent.

Powered by Interwoven MediaBin software, the company's digital asset management system, the Interwoven marketing content management solution, is designed to enable companies to speed time-to-market, increase brand equity, and improve marketing efficiency. The Interwoven MCM solution now includes global functionality, usability, and performance enhancements in MediaBin Asset Server 4.5. The Interwoven MCM solution is powered by the MediaBin Asset Server, a digital asset management system, which was developed to streamline and accelerate the process of developing, finding, repurposing, storing, and distributing rich media assets across media and constituencies, including outside agencies, employees, partners, and channels.

Interwoven, Inc. has also announced that it has been issued a U.S. Patent for the core technology used for content-based image search within its digital asset management product, MediaBin Asset Server which is designed to enable organizations to reduce time-to-market for product launches, enforce brand consistency, and reduce costs. The newly patented technology is intended to help better manage and locate image content in support of marketing content creation and distribution. Digital asset management systems play a key role in the MCM solution by enabling companies to manage and deploy digital assets such as images, video, flash, power point and graphics throughout the marketing content supply chain. Interwoven's U.S. patent #6,697,532 is for the company's "System and Method for Producing Descriptors for Image Compression." The patented technology enables Interwoven users to search for images by shape, texture, color, or resemblance to another image, using compact visual image summary data that can be searched and sorted using a conventional database, including products from Microsoft and Oracle, for greater speed and scalability.