Interwoven Announces Content Solutions for Global Enterprises

Mar 06, 2007

Interwoven, Inc., a provider of content management solutions, has announced a series of new solutions designed to allow organizations to turn content into an asset for improving customer relationships. The portfolio includes Interwoven Segmentation and Analytics, a new solution for converting prospects to customers across online channels; Interwoven Collaborative Document Management, an enhanced solution for improving enterprise collaboration of document-intensive business processes; and Interwoven Brand Management and Interwoven Multi-Channel Delivery, new solutions to manage, extend, and increase the value of an organization¹s brand across all customer-facing communication channels. The Interwoven Segmentation and Analytics solution, Interwoven Targeting, and the Interwoven Collaborative Document Management solution will be generally available in March. The Interwoven Brand Management and Interwoven Multi-Channel Delivery solutions will be generally available in the first half of 2007.

The company has also announced the latest version of Interwoven LiveSite. LiveSite 3.0 incorporates new features designed to create, manage, and deliver online content and offers to customers. The product is also a key component of the new Interwoven Segmentation and Analytics solution.

Interwoven LiveSite 3.0 provides blogging functionality that can be deployed to create both free blogs to strengthen customer relationships and fee-based blogs that generate additional revenue through access to value-added content. Users can also syndicate content to social networking sites and other relevant venues as well as incorporate external RSS feeds in their own sites. Interwoven LiveSite 3.0 features a what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG), point-and-click environment. With LiveSite, non-technical personnel can take control of the entire online experience, from content to presentation, without requiring IT assistance. Drag-and-drop site map and navigation, enhanced in-context editing, and run-time delivery capabilities can simplify the creation and delivery of content, offers, promotions, and entire dynamic websites. The solution also features components, such as dynamic navigation, content lists, and promotions, and a web analytics component for marketers to add campaign tracking tags to pages for site analysis. Interwoven Targeting and LiveSite 3.0 will be generally available in March.