Interwoven Achieves SAP Certified Integration of TeamPortal

Apr 25, 2003

Interwoven, Inc. has received certification from SAP AG of the Interwoven TeamPortal software integration with mySAP Enterprise Portal. With the Interwoven TeamPortal for mySAP Enterprise Portal, customers can now access and act on content through SAP iViews. Built on Interwoven ContentServices, a Web services layer that enhances the

integration process, TeamPortal enables companies to integrate content management into their corporate mySAP Enterprise Portal, and provides an organizational-based, collaborative model that ensures the accuracy, reliability, and security of that portal content. With this new integrated solution, joint customers can better manage the creation and deployment processes of content from within the familiar user interface of the mySAP Enterprise Portal. Benefits of the integration include: an extensible, adaptable, and open content platform to protect a company's existing mySAP Enterprise Portal investment; direct access to content management functionality from within the portal interface; data integrity by separating content development from content delivery to minimize redundancy; and faster implementation time and lower integration costs through the use of a pre-built interface. The Interwoven TeamPortal for mySAP Enterprise Portal is available directly from Interwoven.