Interactive Networks Releases Instan-t Messenger 4.5

Apr 15, 2005

Interactive Networks Inc., has announced the latest release of Instan-t 4.5 freeware, an update to the public instant messaging (IM) service it offers. New features include voice and video chat compatible with AOL, MSN, ICQ, and Yahoo Messengers. Previous versions of Instan-t were able to send files and exchange instant messages with AOL, MSN, ICQ, and Yahoo Messengers, but now a partnership with Macromedia enables Instan-t users to be able to voice and video chat with users on public IM networks. The use of streaming technology from Macromedia Flash Communication Server is expected to enable users to communicate behind most firewalls and DSL gateways.

Designed to give users a more expressive instant messaging experience, Instan-t's new version also offers audio emoticons, which allow users to express their feelings with attractive emoticons that play associated sounds. Instan-t also offers a skin technology that allows its users to choose among multiple user interface designs. Instan-t freeware messenger has no advertising and contains no spyware. It is offered by Interactive Networks Inc. for users to experience its technology. The freeware Instan-t messenger can be downloaded online.