Interact Releases Interact Answers for Intranet

Mar 22, 2011

Interact announced the release of Interact Answers, a crowd-sourcing feature that allows users to post questions on the intranet and receive accurate solutions, using Interact Intranet's intelligence store and the knowledge of other users. Available with Interact Intranet 4.8, Interact Answers responds to a user-posted question with possible solutions, first using intelligent capabilities to supply information, and then recommending colleagues who may be able to answer the question. After those colleagues are notified of the question, the floor is opened for any employee to offer solutions.

The collaborative feature is designed to encourage knowledge sharing and accuracy within the company, without relying on internal emails. Interact Answers aims to increase productivity with a faster, more efficient solution-finding process, and also allows employees to ask open questions if they are unsure of which colleague to direct the questions to. Interact Intranet, Interact's intelligent intranet software, has more than 250,000 users.