Interact Partners With MindMeister

Nov 09, 2010

Interact and MindMeister have announced a partnership through which the two developers will be able to combine their software products. MindMeister provides mind-mapping software to assist with multi-user planning and project management, while Interact's flagship product is an intranet that learns as people use it. The partnership will allow users to access MindMeister mind maps via the Interact Intranet, allowing them to work with coworkers on the same map and see changes in real-time without leaving the intranet's interface.

In addition to the partnership, Interact Intranet recently entered version 4.7, which includes several improvements that make it easier to connect content and create online communities. Among these is the implementation of the @tagging and #tagging features, extensions of Interact Intranet's "Clever Linker" tool that allow users to search for specific tagged content using an instant, dynamic search box. Other notable updates include a shared folder search option, a games ladder widget for employee recreation, and a document importer tool.