InterSystems Introduces CACHÉ Database on Mac OS X

Feb 18, 2005

InterSystems Corporation has announced that its CACHÉ post-relational database is available for deployment on Mac OS X. InterSystems, a database provider specializing in the healthcare market, develops and markets the CACHÉ post-relational database and the Ensemble universal integration platform. The CACHÉ database is designed to deliver a rich feature set combined with automated system management. CACHÉ features a Unified Data Architecture that automatically makes data available as both objects and tables, eliminating the need to synchronize data definitions or map from one form to another. In addition to enabling rapid SQL development and deployment, CACHÉ offers the advanced object technology preferred for deployment in the inherently object-oriented Web environment with a complete object model, including encapsulation, polymorphism, multiple inheritance, collections, and relationships. Available now, CACHÉ pricing for Mac OS X starts at $200 in a single-user version and about $1,000 for a multi-user configuration. A free, fully functional, no-time-limit copy of CACHÉ can be downloaded or requested on CD from the InterSystems Web site.