Inter-Ment Selects iMarkup to Profile Users of Japanese Companies

Nov 12, 2002


iMarkup Solutions Inc., a provider of Web-based collaboration tools, has been selected by Inter-Ment, Inc., a Japanese Web site consulting, management, and certification firm, to annotate and report on digital content. iMarkup is offering its Content Review Server (CRS) to collect the requests of users who access its clients' sites and to improve communications between clients and their users on Japanese Web sites. Inter-Ment reviews the structure and type of Web sites client companies have developed and makes recommendations as to what clients can do to provide their users with a more satisfying Internet experience, improve customer/user communication, and offer a more secure Internet experience. In an effort to build a strong relationship between its clients and their users, Inter-Ment is accumulating and analyzing research data gathered from users as they browse Web sites. In the past, in order to evaluate Web sites, Inter-Ment invited users to come into its laboratory to use and review Web sites, with interviewers gathering information in real time as to the users' evaluations. This process is still commonplace in Japan but drawbacks include high costs and the limitations of both location and time. With iMarkup's Content Review Server, Inter-Ment hopes to decrease costs and eliminate location and time constraints.