Intelliseek and Inxight Team to Provide New Business Intelligence Solutions

Nov 01, 2002

Intelliseek and Inxight Software, Inc. have announced that they have partnered to deliver new Business Intelligence solutions that will provide up-to-the-minute sales, marketing, competitive, and media intelligence applications to Global 2000 companies. Under the terms of the agreement, Intelliseek will license Inxight's newly acquired WhizBang! Labs information extraction technology (see related Inxight announcement) that taps into multiple, disparate data sources to extract and present key information in the form of 'facts.' Intelliseek will use this technology to automatically extract company related information from millions of Web sites. Incorporating Inxight's technology with its own, Intelliseek will produce cutting-edge ASP solutions that create analytic tools and structured reports from large amounts of unstructured data that include Web pages, MS Office documents and email. Intelliseek currently offers a rich set of new consumer, media, and government intelligence solutions.

One of the first applications to emerge from the Inxight-Intelliseek partnership is Intelliseek's real-time Lead Generator, a module that integrates one of the world's largest and most current company databases with sales-force automation software to create timely, comprehensive sales leads for major corporations and brands. The database, containing competitive intelligence and regularly refreshed real-time information on more than four million companies, is built on Intelliseek's information-extracting, text-mining, natural language processing and Internet-crawling infrastructure. Real-time Lead Generator is slated to be available for enterprise clients in 4Q 2002.

Working with Inxight's technology, Intelliseek also plans to create a regularly updated Press "pulse" database for use by business and competitive intelligence professionals, venture capitalists, financial analysts and others interested in staying current on information extracted and updated from company press releases, media clippings and the Internet.