Intelliseek Launches

May 14, 2004

Intelliseek Inc. has announced BlogPulse, a free online search and tracking tool that is designed to measure and rank "buzz" about key issues, people, phrases, and links that occur daily in Internet blogs. serves as a research tool for Internet users, consumers, the media, observers, risk and reputation managers, pundits, politicians, or anyone interested in tracking issues, personalities, trends, and rumors that are circulating on the Internet, often before they hit mainstream media. The BlogPulse home page offers: links to each day's key trends, phrases, people, and links; a search engine to find specific information in blogs; a showcase search tool that graphically charts and compares key issues, trends, people, and phrases over time; and a BlogPulse blog that mixes editorial content and trend-mining tools.

BlogPulse is built on Intelliseek technologies that specialize in Internet search, machine-learning and natural language processing, and the analysis of the types of unstructured data found in online word-of-mouth behavior, or consumer-generated media. The company's flagship solution, BrandPulse, locates and analyzes "buzz" in publicly available Internet forums, discussion boards, blogs, and Web sites. BlogPulse is free to use and currently accepts no advertising.

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