Intelliseek Accelerates Marketing Intelligence Solutions

Aug 12, 2003

Intelliseek has launched a new corporate Web site in an effort to capitalize on its marketing intelligence products and the integration of the PlanetFeedback division's products and services and other acquired technologies. The new Web site features Intelliseek's flagship business products. Since 1997, Intelliseek has acquired the technologies and intellectual property assets of Profusion, Opion, CoreIntellect, and PlanetFeedback while also forming partnerships with technology firms Fast, Inxight, Convera, and Unisys. As a result of these unions, a new strategy is being followed; PlanetFeedback is now fully integrated into Intelliseek, including its flagship marketing intelligence solutions, BrandPulse and ExpressFeedback. Also, Enterprise Discovery Suite has been retooled and renamed because of its added capabilities to capture, discover, classify, and analyze content from multiple, disparate sources, in multiple formats and languages. Content previously on the PlanetFeedback business Web site is now integrated into the Intelliseek Web site, while the free PlanetFeedback consumer Web site remains. The new site also features Intelliseek's new BlogPulse service, a daily tracker of personalities, keywords, and key phrases mentioned in other Web logs.