Intellext Releases Free Version of Watson Personal Search Assistant

Dec 13, 2005

Intellext, creators of intelligent search agent Watson, has announced a free version of the product that will make information retrieval available to everyone.

To Watson, the search box becomes nothing more than a middleman between the user and the information they need. The tool understands the context of what a computer user is working on and actively finds relevant search results from Web search engines, desktop search applications, news sites, and more. The free version is designed to give consumers information they need from a shopping comparison feature, to the Web, news, and blogs. Watson Professional, the licensed version of the product, remains available for business users who want to customize and integrate Watson to search their subscription sources and enterprise information systems.

Watson recognizes when a user is shopping online, and can look up prices and find product reviews. The "Shopping" tab that appears in the product's self-refreshing sidebar automatically finds and displays current eBay and Amazon listings, including eBay's "Buy it Now" opportunities, for items similar to what the shopper is looking at on the Internet. In both the free Watson and the licensed Watson Professional, user privacy is respected. Intellext does not receive information about what the user is looking at, and does not track the links clicked, or the pages viewed.