Integrated Publishing at the De Gruyter Group

Oct 02, 2012

Over 450,000 ebooks and e-journal contributions, over 15 million database entries, and some 17,000 open-access journal articles are now available at De Gruyter Online. The consolidation of all content at a single platform offers scholars advantages, as research can now be conducted conveniently from one interface, regardless of the publication format or distribution model. There are a range of helpful features at De Gruyter Online to make day-to-day use easier, including alerting services that inform users about new releases in a specific field, as well as export interfaces for all major citation services.

Thanks Berlin-based academic publisher is now prepared to move from the mere sale of books, journals, and databases to a wider range of purchase and distribution models. "We're convinced that old forms of production will be made obsolete by the new digital environment," Fund adds. "We thus offer purchase models tailored to all forms of need, from individual articles or chapters to our entire portfolio of new publications."