Integral Ad Science and FreeWheel Partner

Aug 02, 2018


Publishers using FreeWheel's video monetization platform now have a simple solution for verifying and protecting their digital video inventory. Integral Ad Science (IAS) announces a partnership with FreeWheel’s ad management platform that allows publishers to measure the quality of their digital video for viewability, brand safety, and fraud. The solution is globally available across Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) and Video Player Ad Interface Definition (VPAID) inventory across desktop and mobile web.

The partnership allows publishers to easily communicate the quality of their inventory and build confidence with marketers that their video content will be placed in viewable, fraud-free environments. It also helps publishers to be transparent and provide their advertisers with a brand-safe experience.

The solution was first tested and deployed in France across leading publishers TF1 Publicité and France TV Publicité, and is now available globally.

Publishers can now use this solution to better understand their media quality and align their inventory with client goals and campaign strategies furthering the initiative for better transparency between the buy- and sell-side of the industry.