Integral Ad Science Expands its Integration with The Trade Desk

May 25, 2017


Integral Ad Science (IAS), a technology and data company, has expanded its integration with The Trade Desk, Inc., a global technology platform for buyers of advertising, to offer brand safety data for desktop and mobile in-app video and display inventory through The Trade Desk platform. These enhancements make IAS the first company to provide mobile in-app brand safety data within The Trade Desk platform.

IAS is also the first partner to provide its brand safety and fraud reporting directly in The Trade Desk platform for display and video inventory, making it easier for customers to access this data in one place. This exclusive reporting integration enables customers of The Trade Desk to dig deeper into log-level data, advancing each report to be more actionable, granular, and customizable to advertisers. 

Given the heightened attention to brand safety issues over the last year, the ability to protect against unsavory and inappropriate content has never been more critical for brands. Through this integration, advertisers can ensure their media buys meet specific brand safety parameters by only bidding on impressions that meet set standards across seven separate risk categories: adult content, alcohol, gambling, offensive language, illegal downloads, illegal drugs, and violence.