Insticator Unveils Enhanced Analytics for Publishers

Aug 27, 2019

Insticator, which specializes in increasing engagement, research revenue and ad revenue for publishers through interactive content, announced the launch of its enhanced platform that will provide publishers with audience analytics to support their engagement and revenue strategies.

Publishers using Insticator’s platform will have greater visibility into the performance of their interactive content and have the ability to optimize content to increase ad revenue. Publishers will have access to specific analytics like advertising performance, including total ad revenue generated, CPM and impressions; content performance; and embed audience engagement, including average in-view percentage and the amount of unique engaged users. By having direct insights into how their audience is engaging with content, publishers are able to increase the time spent on their sites and create a superior user experience. Publishers using the platform will also be able to filter analytics by date, device type, and geographic location.

Since its founding, Insticator has made it easier for publishers and advertisers to increase content engagement and generate ROI while increasing website ad revenue and engagement. The platform enhancement comes at a time of major growth for the company. Insticator recently expanded internationally to Canada and has reported a 318% increase in company growth since 2017. Revenue growth has also experienced a 601% uptick. Today, Insticator’s Embed is now included on more than 2,400 publisher websites.

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