Instart Logic Announces Application Services Platform, New Business Model

Feb 16, 2017

Instart Logic announced its Application Services Platform, an integrated set of speed, mobility, and security technologies designed to optimize digital revenue. It also announced a new business model which it says is designed to disrupt the $10 billion content and application delivery markets.

Beginning immediately Instart Logic will deliver enterprise application and content delivery at commodity cost, and will price based only on value-added services to improve speed, security, and advertising revenues. Additionally, leveraging AppSpeed, Instart Logic’s endpoint-aware application delivery solution, the company will guarantee in writing to make a customer’s web, mobile web, and mobile applications 20% faster than a company’s existing delivery method, as benchmarked by a third-party vendor.

Instart Logic’s 20% performance improvement guarantee is based on a set of cloud-based content and application delivery technologies including an “interpretable machine learning system” such as SmartVision, which is now deployed at industrial scale, processing 125 billion images and three billion HTML and JavaScript files per month. Instart Logic algorithms analyze images and code in real time and apply appropriate optimizations. This improves the performance of its enterprise customers’ websites and web applications in an automated fashion, and eliminates the need for complex, manual, and brittle front end optimization (FEO) tools. Additionally, Instart Logic has applied machine learning algorithms to the tremendous amounts of data it collects in real time, and has substantially increased its ability to uncover system vulnerabilities while improving security.

Instart Logic also announced further enhancements to its recently announced Ad Integrity service, which will now also unblock video pre-roll advertising, in addition to display advertising. By bringing powerful new machine learning, automation and ground-breaking technology to thwart ad blocking technologies for every type of advertising - from display ads to video ads, to the world of application delivery - Instart Logic is fundamentally altering the value enterprises ascribe to content delivery networks.