Instart Logic Announces Ad Integrity Solution

Dec 15, 2016

Ad blocking adoption has risen dramatically around the world putting digital publishers at risk of going out of business or having to lock all premium content behind paywalls. However, a technology solution preserving the needs of both digital publishers and the digital media-consuming public has just arrived to market from Instart Logic, a company that makes mobile apps and websites fast and secure. Instart Logic announced AppShield Ad Integrity, a technology that thwarts ad blockers so a healthy ecosystem of digital publishers of free high quality content continues to grow and thrive.

The news from Instart Logic is on the heels of Facebook’s announcement earlier this summer that it would block ad blockers. However, a heated technology cat-and- mouse game quickly ensued between Facebook and Ad Blocker companies. Instart Logic says its cloud-based Ad Integrity product allows digital publishers to thwart ad blockers, unlock lost ad revenue and drive revenue growth, while preserving the ability to serve up contextual, non-intrusive and relevant ads. Deploying Instart Logic’s Ad Integrity solution requires only a simple DNS change.