Instant Pop-up News

Feb 11, 2003

News Technologies LLC, a Portland-based company, has announced the general availability of its news alerting service called TriggerNews. TriggerNews is a subscription news service that will deliver targeted news to subscribers based on their user-defined parameters such as company name, stock symbol, and/or key word phrases. When any of these "triggers" match an identical word or phrase in the subject header of a news release, a pop-up alert window appears on the user's computer display. The underlying technology for TriggerNews is its TriggerEngine core, which scans, matches, filters, and routes selected news to respective users. Full processing of news releases occurs within seconds from the time they are received from content providers to the time they are delivered to the user as a pop-up, regardless of the number of subscribers connected to the system. Several patents were filed on the technology and are currently pending approval with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.