Instagram Adds Location and Hashtag Stories on Explore

May 25, 2017

In a blog post, Instagram introduced two new ways to explore content on its platform. Users can now use Explore to find stories based on location and hashtags.

According to the post, “You’ll see a new story ring at the top of Explore filled with stories happening near you. These stories come from people who have used location stickers on their stories. You can also search for any location around the world, and you’ll see a story ring for that place at the top of the location page.”

You can also search for hashtags, which will produce a story ring based on the search. Users can also make their own stories more discoverable by adding location data and hashtags to their posts. The post also says, “If you want to use a location or hashtag sticker but don’t want your story to appear on Explore, tap the X on your stories viewer list.”