Insignia Integrates Its Java-Enabling Technology With Latest Sharp PDA

Nov 22, 2002

Insignia Solutions has announced that Sharp Corporation's newly launched Zaurus SL-5600 PDA includes its Java-enabling technology. The Zaurus SL-5600 is an expandable Linux-based business PDA and wireless capable solution for enterprise users and professional consumers. Following this agreement, Insignia's technology is now available on all models in the Sharp Zaurus range. Insignia's software enables Zaurus users to download and run Java-based content on the Zaurus SL-5600. Use of the Insignia Jeode software is intended to make it simple to migrate and run enterprise applications on the device, as well as Java content created by mobile Java developers worldwide. Designed for the enterprise user with a heavy workload, the Zaurus SL-5600 features Sharp's high-resolution color-reflective QVGA LCD screen technology and an integrated QWERTY keyboard with a sliding cover. Insignia Jeode is an implementation of Insignia's Java virtual machine environment, designed for the limited memory resources and browsing requirements of PDAs and related smart handheld devices. It is fully compatible with the PersonalJava specification, and supports all PersonalJava 1.2 class libraries, including optional classes, and features Insignia's patent-pending Dynamic Adaptive Compilation technology, which delivers responsive Java application performance.