Inquisite Launches Global Partner Program

Jun 28, 2005

Inquisite, Inc. has launched the Inquisite Partner Program. Inquisite has created a partner network of 'subject matter expert' companies who are dedicated to best practices in survey research, business intelligence, and technology application.

The Inquisite Partner Program, a global partner framework, brings together four types of Inquisite partnerships and their specific values under one comprehensive program. Current partnerships with Distribution Partners, which are based on the reselling or licensing of Inquisite software, will be included in this new global framework. Three new programs for Content Partners, Consulting Partners and Technology Partners have been added to provide additional data sources, intellectual content, services, and complementary technology to Inquisite customers. Inquisite has also enhanced its centralized partner support, including access to software and support, a variety of new training options, enhanced co- marketing programs and improved partner communications.