Innovid Releases 2017 Global Video Benchmarks Study to Establish Industry Standards for Video Marketing and Measurement

May 16, 2017

Innovid, a video marketing platform for advertisers to engage consumers across all screens and channels, announced the release of its 2017 Global Video Benchmarks Report. The report details findings from a year-long study analyzing thousands of video campaigns with billions of impressions across 200+ global brands. The goal of the Global Video Benchmarks series is to create a video marketing barometer that marketers can use to help analyze the performance of video ads, in order to create more effective campaigns.

The 2017 Global Video Benchmarks study shows how advanced video advertising, which includes interactive elements such as overlays, clickable content and more, compares to pre-roll video advertising, which is simply static video without any advanced features. Both types of ads play prior to the start of a video that a consumer is viewing. While advanced video can come in many forms, the two categories that the study focuses on are videos designed to engage viewers within the ad itself (custom interactive) versus videos designed to encourage the user to click through to a new webpage or app, independent of the ad (click-thru interactive). According to the study's findings, advanced video advertising is driving more value and yielding higher benchmarks across the board over standard pre-roll video ads; however, performance varies across publisher types, ad lengths and player sizes. Additional highlights from the study findings include:

  • Custom interactive video campaigns earn 561% lift in total user activity over standard pre-roll campaigns.
  • Custom interactive video campaigns deliver an average of 41 additional seconds in time earned — on top of the time spent watching the 15 or 30 second pre-roll—nearly tripling a 15-second ad spot.
  • Mobile click-thru interactive video achieves the greatest click-thru rate, compared to any other format, with a 57% lift over desktop.
  • Custom Interactive video on connected TV generates the highest completion rates compared to any other device or format, a 73% lift over mobile and a 23% lift over desktop.
  • Tag type "VPAID HTML" grew 357% from H1 2016 to H2 2016.