Innovative Interfaces Revamps Content Pro Solution for Libraries

Jan 20, 2012


Innovative Interfaces, Inc. updated its Content Pro digital asset management solution, which allows libraries to create, manage, and share digital collections online. Content Pro 2.1 features a revamped interface and design, a customizable header and footer that allow libraries to brand their online presence, and a carousel viewer for digital items.

A new slideshow feature allows libraries to showcase images, audio files, or videos, which can then be embedded onto a library's website, Facebook page, or any other web destination. Users can live stream Flash and QuickTime videos, and Content Pro 2.1 enables QuickTime videos to be reformatted for Flash.

Innovative Interfaces also created a Content Pro desktop app, which allows libraries to manage collections and staff log-ins, batch-load digital items, convert CSV and MARC files for batch loading, and gather usage statistics. Access can be restricted to protected library collections via an LDAP and/or IP address authentication feature.