Innovative Interfaces, Inc. and OverDrive Announce Plans for API Integration

Apr 26, 2013

Innovative Interfaces, Inc. (III) and OverDrive, a full-service digital distributor of ebooks, agreed on plans for deep API integration of OverDrive services into III products, including Sierra and Encore Discovery Services Platform. The plans with OverDrive include an option to take the integration beyond digital and into the physical collection.

III and OverDrive will enable a seamless experience for OverDrive library partners in their collection portal, Content Reserve. Libraries will be able to see physical and digital holdings side-by-side within Content Reserve so that collection development decisions can be based on physical holdings, circulation, and other criteria.

Included in the Content API will be direct access to both downloadable and browser-based (OverDrive Read) ebooks, as well as ebook samples in the OverDrive Read format. These will work the same way as the current Read and Download buttons do on OverDrive-powered Next Generation digital library collection websites, allowing users to directly read or download titles with integrated API calls.