Inmedius Launches Horizon for Professionally Managed Content

Jul 06, 2007


Inmedius has announced the availability of Inmedius Horizon, a new system for the management of a technical documentation department. Horizon is a business process-driven system to create, manage, and deploy complex technical information through its entire lifecycle. Inmedius Horizon supports industry technical documentation standards, including DITA, ATA iSpec 2200, DocBook, military specifications, and customized Document Type Definitions (DTD)--in one complete solution. Horizon also supports various document formats, regardless of whether they are SGML or XML, Adobe Acrobat PDF or Microsoft Office Word formats, or illustration, graphic, sound, and other media files.

The Horizon system integrates with authoring platforms, including built-in plug-ins for Adobe FrameMaker and PTC Arbortext Editor, as well as the Inmedius S1000D Publishing Suite. The combination of a flexible library system with business intelligence delivered through a dashboard approach provides command over information assets. The Horizon Library allows information to be organized according to customizable criteria and to catalog content according to multiple variables. Inmedius Horizon users can benefit by its tight integration with both Microsoft Project and Excel. It defines, builds, and maintains its own internal project schedule for each item.