Inmagic Announces Genie Express

Apr 25, 2006

Inmagic, Inc., the global provider of enterprise research asset management applications, has announced the general release of Version 1.0 of its Genie Express online catalog software. Inmagic Genie Express is a Web-based application designed to manage and provide Web-based access to a single database, catalog, or archive.

Genie Express: supports traditional and non-traditional information assets, such as documents, news, images, URLs, books, etc.; enables information discovery through: advanced searching, including keyword, full text, fielded, Boolean, and allows end users to browse the index to find what they need; search configuration, so that the search interface is tailored to specific information retrieval needs; a robust search experience by allowing users to select a view of the search results that is appropriate for them; promotes information sharing and fulfillment; supports IT infrastructure through the use of open standards. Genie Express is based on Microsoft SQL Server and .NET technologies and makes use of XML and Web services. Inmagic also provides implementation services through its Professional Services Group.