Inmagic Announced New Version of Presto, Forms Advisory Council

Jun 20, 2008

Inmagic, Inc. announced a new direction and product lineup including the next version of Inmagic Presto, a socialized version of Inmagic's knowledge repository, which the company plans to ship in Fall 2008. "Social Presto" will blend social media features with an enterprise knowledge repository, search, access, and discovery tools. It will provide managed and searchable interfaces to internal and external data, and will unify structured and unstructured content-including documents, images, audio, video, Web sites, blogs, and RSS feeds. Inmagic's has also launched a new website and blog.

Inmagic has also announced the formation of a customer advisory panel. Organizations across industries are uniting to provide counsel and critical feedback on Inmagic's direction, technology, products and service offerings, Inmagic officials announced. The formation of this Customer Advisory Panel is part of Inmagic's new strategic direction. The Inmagic Customer Advisory Panel will initially be comprised of several Inmagic lightship accounts across industries, and early adopters of Inmagic's social knowledge management platform, Inmagic Presto. The panel will be chaired by Phil Green, the company's Chief Technology Officer, and will be fully constituted by Sept. 1.